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kekekek a message for chris

new theme looks great right

by the way i forgot the password and email to this so if i get logged out its all over folks

who cares about the index lets go look down here vv

listen here you fucking social justice warriors. i am a proud anti sjw and egalitarian prepared to destroy you and your silly byfs with LOGIC. you cannot stop me by merely replying with gifs and your 'witty' one-sentence reblogs of posts calling you out on your silly social justice. how DARE you insult me like this

B. 20. Anti-SJW, Pro-Cats. Are you triggered yet, SJWS? kek. BYFCringe is a good tungle.hell blog

fun resources to pretend to be an anti sjw

cant be a good anti sjw without an anti sjw bio

what you should do immediately after making your blog

you also need this i think

uhuhuhuhu my favorite song uhuhuhu sans undertale hot